Your individuality & uniqueness are what define you. Your nutrition and lifestyle needs are just as unique as you are. Your health is your own personal equation of lifestyle, nutritional, genetic and environmental factors. My role in guiding you to healing and optimal health is to delve into the source of your issues and give you the tools your body needs to heal. Health is a true gift. You deserve it.

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I benefited greatly from the four nutritional sessions I had with Sinead. I have received a Bachelor’s degree in Health Promotion from a major university and have studied nutrition on my own for years. This has resulted in me being able to cure myself with from thyroid problems, chronic sinus infections, and other ailments naturally. Lately, the majority of my health concerns surround high stress levels, not sleeping well, and weight gain. For four years, I have been struggling with what to do to correct these problems. In the first session with Sinead, she quickly identified what was going on in my body to cause these three symptoms. Over the next three session, she gave me simple suggestions. After only one week of trying just a few of these things, I started to sleep well at night again. My stress levels have also decreased significantly. I feel everyone could benefit from the vast information Sinead has in nutrition and is so willing to share.
— Cherie