Client Success Stories

Hi Sinead,
Just to update you on my progress, I have incorporated all of your advice and as of this morning the edema in my ankles is completely resolved.
I cannot thank you enough for your wonderful advice and knowledge of nutrition and health. You’re a genius.
I will be sticking to your dietary plan for the rest of my life and you can bet that if I ever have another issue, you will be the one I call.
Thank you so much!
— Leslie

I have to say... I called my husband & shared with him I already felt I got my money’s worth in the first class alone! Sinead was incredibly informative & a wealth of information 1st day already! Already being a healthy person & having made lifestyle & eating changes since moving to PC, this workshop already stepped it up a notch for me! Thank you thank you for putting together a wonderful workshop!
— Debbie

I have worked here for over 20 years and have had so many speakers come out to the office I cannot even count but I have never had anyone have such an immediate impact on some many than you have!!! Your passion is obvious and everyone could relate to you so well. I can’t wait to have you back!
— Becky

The six-week course (PBHB) seemed to fly by and I was sad when they ended. Over the course of the program I lost 23 pounds, including 3 inches off the belt, and 5 inches from the stomach. Post-holiday I am happy to say I have lost an additional 8 pounds. My wife & I are thrilled with our progress and with the way we feel.
While the weight loss is noticed in many ways from what I see in the mirror, to how I feel when I tie my shoes, perhaps the most surprising is how I feel mentally. In a short time, my opinion of myself and overall happiness is much improved. I am proud of the lifestyle we have chosen. I look forward to each day, and believe I will live many more of them than I would have if I had not made the changes we have.
Though I still have a way to go, I am off to a good start and have a clear path to the healthy life I want for myself and for my family.
Thank you, Sinead and Dr. Hale, for sharing your expertise with us, and for helping us to have a more powerful mind and healthier body!
— Dan

Sinead’s guidance on my journey to a healthier lifestyle has been invaluable. Her knowledge and expertise, combined with her enthusiasm and passion inspire me to stay committed to my nutritional and health goals. I would absolutely work with her again!
— Mary

You are so awesome! Thank you for this info. (all so new to me) PS... Not only are you a person with a beautiful inner glow, of love & compassion but as a person that is just so knowledgeable in your line of work.
I thought about you today as I was flying home from L.A. There was a couple on our flight....she was very sick w breast cancer & the treatment that comes along with trying to beat it. She was exhausted, looked like she felt HORRIBLE, completely drained, trying to drink a green concoction, that she could barely stomach... her husband, just the same, but from sadness over his wife’s illness. (he was even in his pink shirt as support, always holding her hand) Oh my gosh, every time I looked at them I was overcome with emotion & would get tears in my eyes...for both of them But! I kept thinking, they need to see Sinead. She will/could help both of them! Help the woman counter balance the ‘stuff’/ ‘poison’ that they were filling her body with, that in some regards is really depleting her body of vital, life giving nutrients & her sweet sweet husband, who probably is just so mentally drained, putting his health on the back burner, to focus on his wife. When ironically, this is the time he needs to be ‘on it’ & revitalizing himself physically & mentally (sigh). I should get some of your cards, because if I had, I would have absolutely walked up to them, simply to pass on your card, & if they felt so compelled, curious to do so, they could have contacted you. Right? Wouldn’t that have been an awesome outcome.
— Lori

Sinead will make recommendations that are specific to you and your needs. She helped me incorporate foods into meal planning that were not only beneficial to me living with Crohn’s Disease but also practical for my young family!
— Jaime

If you are ready to start feeling good and expand your health horizons, I would definitely suggest you contact Sinead!
— Linda

Your nutrition class is such a wonderful addition to our retreats! You have convinced our retreat ladies to eat healthier, and how thankful they are to you! You are so warm and caring - you are the perfect person to educate our attendees about nutrition. Your expertise and presentation are perfect and so delightful! How lucky we are to have you as part of our team . Warmest wishes.
— Faye & Ally (Image Reborn Foundation)
I am beyond fortunate to have had Sinead work with me this past Spring. I had been struggling to lose baby weight from my second pregnancy. It wouldn’t have been a big deal except my child was 4 years old and I was frustrated. As a full-time mother, I run around all day long and never have time to prepare, sit down and eat a healthy meal. I explained to Sinead that I didn’t know how to be a healthy eater on the run. Sinead worked with me and taught me how to prepare healthy meals when I had time but also how to find and eat healthy snacks.
— Scrip

You are adorable! I greatly appreciate the nutritional facts you shared. Thank you so much for sharing.
— Becky

Thanks for teaching us how to stay healthy and live longer!
— Valencia