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Is Fat Our Friend or Foe? - Video

We live in a fatphobic culture. We’re brainwashed into believing that eating fat will make us fat. We, therefore, gravitate towards foods that are marketed as ‘low-fat’, ‘fat-free’ or ‘diet’. These foods, more accurately termed ‘non-foods’ are higher in inflammatory carbohydrates. The insulin and cortisol spiking result of this low fat, high carbohydrate culture is that we suffer from a vast array of health issues. The truth is that fat does not make us sick or fat. In fact, eating good fat helps us to lose weight and feel great!

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Fat Friendly Lifestyle for Sustainable Weight Loss - Video

Diets vary from those reliant on “fat-free” food options to the old Atkins-version of the Ketogenic diet. The first leaves us hungry and obsessively craving food. The later results in a gaping nutritional void and clogged arteries. I believe that the secret to sustainable weight loss and long-term health incorporates the best of both philosophies. Watch my Vlog for more info!

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