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Is Inflammation The “Silent Killer”?

Inflammation is our body’s normal and healthy response to injury or attack on the immune system. On the surface of the body, it takes the form of heat, redness, swelling, and pain. Chronic, low-level inflammation at the cellular level, however, develops without pain and can lead to obesity, diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and many other chronic diseases.

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Why Synergistic Nutrition & Lifestyle Habits Work, While Pills & Diets Don’t

We think it’s our destiny to have the ailments we do, that it’s just what happens to us. Some such prevalent, run of the mill complaints are fatigue, depression, excess weight, brain fog, bloating, headaches, joint pain, itchy skin, sweet cravings, sleeplessness, and constipation. Doesn’t paint a pretty picture of our normality, does it?!

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