A Ketogenic Kick-start back to health


36% of our American adults and 17% of our children are currently obese. 29 million have type 2 diabetes. 29 million are suffering from cancer, and 5 million from Alzheimers. Increasingly more studies and research are pointing to the compelling healing benefits of a nutritionally modified Ketogenic lifestyle on these and other devastating diseases. In this podcast with Dave Sherwin on The Dirobi Health Show, we discuss the logic behind these powerful life-changing healing benefits, delving into the intricacies of what exactly a ‘Keto-Diet’ entails. We talk about how to practically implement it in a nutritionally-dense, sustainable manner that is not deprivational or restrictive, and so therefore not a ‘traditional diet’. Check out my blog for more insight…https://blog.dirobi.com/096-ketogenic-kickstarter/

Sinead Urwin