The Secret Lies in the Gut - Podcast

The Secret Lies in the Gut

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Millions of people are struggling with gut issues daily and don’t even realize it. Whether it’s occasional digestive issues or serious malabsorption problems, there is a critical lack of awareness of the causes and consequences of poor digestive health. Some of the major causes lie in our modern diets and lifestyles. However, making simple but significant tweaks can lead to the healing of these issues and ultimately to better overall well-being and longevity.

‘The Gut’ is a simple term for a fairly complex process. Gut Health refers to the effectiveness of our digestion and how well the body can absorb nutrients. One of the biggest problems is our growing consumption of foods not recognized by the human body as food. Such choices include gluten, GMO grains, processed foods, refined sugar and pasteurized dairy. Our system views these non-foods as ‘foreign invaders’. They create mild to severe inflammation, wiping out our good gut bacteria. Consequential health issues include brain fog, fatigue, weight gain, digestive issues, depression, autoimmune diseases and numerous devastating chronic illnesses.

The good news is that by identifying and eliminating the culprits, and adding the nutritious foods we discuss in this podcast, we can help the body heal and recreate health. Such foods include those abundant in pro- and pre-biotics, as they re-cultivate the intestinal flora necessary for the healing process. Of no less importance are the lifestyle factors that need to be examined to achieve our health goals. Check out my latest podcast on the Dirobi Show for more insight that will inspire you on your journey to health, vitality, and longevity!