Fat Friendly Lifestyle for Sustainable Weight Loss - Video

Fat Friendly Lifestyle for Sustainable Weight Loss

Diets vary from those reliant on “fat-free” food options to the old Atkins-version of the Ketogenic diet. The first leaves us hungry and obsessively craving food. The later results in a gaping nutritional void and clogged arteries. I believe that the secret to sustainable weight loss and long-term health incorporates the best of both philosophies. Beneficial fats in the form of avocados, nuts, seeds, wild fish, raw cheese and nut butters are not only delicious and satiating, but are also nutritionally dense. If they constitute 65-75% of our dietary intake, and the rest comes from quality protein and low carbohydrate fruit and vegetables, we are effectively following a Ketogenic lifestyle. More importantly, we are doing so in a nutritionally savvy manner. This negates the typical dieting downsides of hunger, cravings and inadequate nutrients, and ultimate weight regain. The end result is sustainable weight loss, energy, and vitality!