What Can A Green Goddess Do For You?

What Can A Green Goddess Do For You?

You’d be Surprised by the Power of a Green Goddess Smoothie

Too Busy to Eat Right?

Do you really want to eat a nutritionally balanced diet daily, but life gets in the way? Is
your schedule too hectic to even think about adding greens, protein and good fats to your regime? Do you read about superfoods and beneficial supplements, but have no idea how to incorporate them regularly to impact your health? Have you heard that a vitamin or mineral deficiency could be the cause of your lethargy, migraines, depression, or any other debilitating condition? What if a meal that takes 2 minutes to prepare could be your answer to getting all the goodness you need to live life with the utmost energy, vitality, and wellness?

Can Smoothies be an Answer?

The honest answer is that I really believe in the actual act of chewing our food! Some of the digestive enzymes we need to digest food are produced in the mouth and are stimulated while chewing. Also, we derive so much satisfaction and pleasure from eating food, whether it’s from its sheer flavor, or in a social setting with friends. But how about the times when we’re just scoffing down our breakfast as we run out the door to do school drop-off? Or we’re devouring a sandwich before we head to a meeting? Or we don’t have time for dinner, as we’re so engrossed in our kids’ bedtime routines or preparing for the following day? Our nutritional intake doesn’t have to suffer, as we strive to tick all of our busy boxes for this day or the next. This is why I love incorporating smoothies to our nutritional intake!

Protein and Fat Components of the Ultimate Green Smoothie!

A great protein powder forms the basis for any balanced green smoothie. The Garden of Life and Vega vegan proteins are two of my favorites, due to their alkaline rather than acidic dominance. I particularly love the Garden of Life Protein with Greens option, which includes sprouted pea protein, spinach, chia, alfalfa, and broccoli, amongst many other alkaline protein sources. The next component to think about is milk or water base. I highly recommend unsweetened flax or almond milk. Flax pips almond to the post, due to its higher protein and beneficial fat constituency. Water is also fine, but I would steer away from using cow’s milk, principally due to its acidity and high casein content.

A Quick and Easy Green Fix

And now for the green components of the smoothie. Can we make it a habit to buy a
container of “power greens” or some other baby kale, spinach, Swiss chard mix when we are doing the rest of our food shopping? If we have it in the fridge, it’s easy to throw a couple of handfuls into our smoothies.

A green powder in form of spirulina, wheatgrass, chlorella, or any green superfood mix adds a great shot of minerals, iron, fiber and so much more. A scoop of chia, hemp, or ground flax seeds adds a great omega-3 balance, along with multiple other nutritional benefits. Thinking a little outside the box, we can incorporate superfood supplements like Maca for energy, hormonal balance, and endocrine support. This makes that simple morning smoothie even more of a supportive and reparative meal that will set you up for success. A gut restorer like collagen powder is one other smoothie addition I cannot overemphasize!

Set Yourself Up for a Day of Energy, Vitality, and Success

There is no doubt that these vitamin and mineral dense concoctions are a simple way to fulfill our nutritional needs. If we nourish our bodies, and hence our minds, with the fat, protein, fiber and other nutrients we need for energy, vitality, and resilience, we set ourselves up for success. Feeding our bodies with these alkalizing, detoxifying, raw food enzymes, restores balance, helps us to metabolize and burn resources more efficiently. It will also help us avoid the fatigue, negativity, moodiness and overall ill-health that poor nutrition causes. Let’s blend, and go!