Roots of Our Commonplace Health Ailments, Illnesses & Chronic Diseases – Part 2

Roots of Our Commonplace Health Ailments, Illnesses & Chronic Diseases – Part 2

Gut Health as the Cause of Our Health Conditions

This is part 2 which follows up last weeks post where we talk about the effect gut nutrition has on our overall health. You can read it here if you haven’t already done so. 

Lifestyle Factors Escalating the Damage Done by our Food

Non-food is not the only cause of our barren intestinal problem. We become reliant on taking pills and sticking short-term band-aids on our ailments. We’re not actually tackling the root causes of our illnesses, but merely masking the symptoms. So what’s the result? Our illnesses and diseases don’t actually improve, but rather worsen. Other bodily functions subsequently start to break down. So we troubleshoot, and take more medication. In the meantime, we’re wiping out any good intestinal flora we had to start with, so our even marginally healthy intestinal soil is now completely barren. As we’ve already wiped out the cultivating ground for health, absorption of the nutrients we do consume becomes very difficult, if not impossible. So the body falls apart.

Can we be “too clean”? We’re obsessed with cleanliness and germs and are therefore not giving any bacteria a chance to survive in our bodies. The problem arises then that the “good guys” also don’t stand a chance. Now add our constant chronic stress and toxic environment to this “non-food + medication + over-sanitization” equation, and the result is a wiped out, leaky, depleted gut!

Energy, Vitality, and Health. Let’s Achieve it Together!

The good news is that we can heal! Through reducing or eliminating the unhealthy food and lifestyle culprits, and gradually ‘crowding them out’ or replacing them with more nutritionally dense, enzymatic, alive alternatives, we can reinstate the vitality, health, and abundance of energy and positivity that we were placed on this planet to experience. It is completely possible to reverse the damage we have caused…we just need the right tools to do so. Let’s embark on life’s journey to optimal health. We were given one body in this lifetime. Together, let’s thrive!